Let us know

At Canberra Head to Health, we strive to provide a quality service which is timely, effective and respectful. However, we also want to provide opportunity for service users to make a complaint if they feel they have not had a quality experience of care.

This form can be used to make a complaint about a service.

Suggestions and Compliments

If you wish to make a suggestion regarding Canberra Head to Health, or provide a compliment about the service you have received, a separate form is available on the website entitled ‘Suggestions’.

Complaints Form

Please submit the completed form and send it to us by email to or in hard copy to reception who will ensure the form gets to the Centre Manager. A manager from Head to Health will acknowledge this complaint within 5 working days and respond to your
concerns within 14 working days.

What happens next?

We are committed to responding swiftly to any complaints. You should receive:

• An acknowledgement of the complaint within 5 days
• A response to the complaint within 14 days.

If additional time is needed to investigate the complaint due to its complexity or serious nature, this will be indicated to the individual at the 14-day mark.

Privacy statement

We value your privacy at Canberra Head to Health, and your personal health information will be treated with confidentiality and respect, in line with National Privacy Legislation.

To respond to your concerns, our Leadership Team will need to review the personal and health information you provided to us. We will also retain summary, deidentified information about your complaint on our Complaints Database to help us improve our service. However, we would not plan to retain information about your complaint on your health record, unless you ask us to do so.

Further information about our commitment to protecting confidentiality of patient information is available on our Confidentiality and Consent Policy, available on the Head to Health website.